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My rates will always be lower than the premier agencies for which I've free -lanced because I am not burdened with their overhead. You will receive exemplary interpreting at a fair rate without compromising the quality and intent of the rendition - guaranteed.

Because of the variety of situations that arise in interpreting I set my rate and provide a firm written quote after conferring with the client. Rates are determined according to the circumstances and type of service requested. The services I offer are set forth below:


Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Escort Interpreting

Except for telephonic interpreting all services require a minimum of 2 hours.

Travel Expenses
Expenses including tolls, mileage, parking related to the specific assignment will be charged for all on-site interpreting.

Cancellation Policy
A 24-hour cancellation notice via email is required in all instances. Cancellations that are not timely made will be subject to the following fees that are based on the agreed rate:

- Half day 2 Hours
- Full day 4 Hours
- Telephone Nominal charge based on circumstances

Please note that the policy is strictly applied.


Call me now at 954.618.8818 to discuss how I can assist with your interpreting needs.