Cristina Monaro

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I was born in the province of Genoa, Italy and have been professionally interpreting as a native speaker in English and Italian for the past 27 years on a freelance basis for America's premier agencies.

During that time my performance has consistently been considered as exemplary by each agency.

How You Benefit:

My unique ability to speak native in both English and Italian enables me to understand and precisely convey the verbiage as well as the cultural differences that occur in a conversation. As a result its integrity is preserved without error and the interpretation’s purpose is successfully achieved.


Exemplary Interpretation:

Clear communications between parties occurs when every aspect of a conversation is interpreted precisely as intended. The critical elements that must be included in a successful interpretation are as follows:

- Flawless rendition with speed, accuracy, and proper intonation
- Incorporation of nuances stemming from cultural differences to ensure the exact meaning and intent of each party

This is the benefit my clients always experience. Call me now at 954.618.8818 and let's discuss how I can assist with your interpreting needs.

Areas of Focus

Legal Proceedings
- Courts
- Administrative hearings
- Depositions

Law Enforcement & Homeland Security
- Communicating with detainees
- Immigration issues

- Hospitals
- Physicians
- Therapists
- Insurance

Professional Associations

"Thank you for the excellent job of interpreting for Mr. Zorzetto during our annual conference in November, 2012 in Naples, FL. Mr. Zorzetto runs our operation from Rome and it was critical for him to thoroughly understand and communicate his concerns relative to the new programs introduced at the meeting. Assisting him in communicating at the dinners and social gatherings was a much appreciated extra. Mr. Zorzetto was grateful to have such a talented professional make his experience so enjoyable."

Paul D. DeAngelo, President
DBI Services
Hazelton, PA

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